The feature packed Pentax K-3

Pentax has released the brand new Pentax K3 which is the successor to the Pentax K-5 II. The Pentax K-3 has improved on a number of fronts when compared to the Pentax K-5 II but looks pretty similar to it’s predecessor.

The first area of improvement is the movie recording which Pentax has improved from 7.0 fps on the Pentax K-5 II to 8.3 fps on the Pentax K-3. They have also included a dedicated button for video recording saving you trying to fiddle around for it.

The drawback to the new design is that it is considered somewhat heavy for it’s size. The device weighs in at 800 grams which is quite bulky for a DSLR.

The great thing about the device is that has a very solid and quality build. It has excellent controls and great image options.

The device comes with optional Wi-Fi and great battery life. I


The HTC One M8 is launched

HTC are banking on the HTC One M8 smart phone kick starting their return to growth. The phone has been reviewed as one of the most promising devices to be delivered by HTC in a while and is expected to perform well on the Australian Market.

The device has some cool must have features that will appeal to those looking to upgrade to their next smart phone.

The first notable aspect of the phone is it’s amazing battery life. The device has a 2600 mAh battery which allows it to achieve great results after a days usage. Many smart phones these days have low battery after the day is out but the M8 seems to have more than half it’s battery remaining.

The next feature is HTC’s motion launch gesture system. This feature allows you to access your favourite applications or shortcuts directly from the lock screen very easily.

The next feature is the speed of the device which is the fastest on the market. The processor is a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.

The Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung are pinning their continued success in the Smartphone market on their next version of their flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The new smart phone is expected to be released worldwide on April 11th and will be available on most carriers Australia wide. Compare Samsung Galaxy S5 plans at Mobile-Plans Australia.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will continue to have a plastic body and this will not appeal to those hoping for a metal case. ┬áTheir continued use of a plastic body is justified by it’s durability and weight advantages.

The device has included a similar fingerprint scanner to the iPhone 4s which can be used to unlock the phone easier than a pass code or facial recognition.

The other interesting addition is the inclusion of a heart rate monitor, not something you expect to see on a phone. Samsung is hoping that a growing trend in personal health will make this the next must have feature for smart phones.

Samsung has also taken the lead from Sony and has made the phone dust and water resistant. This will big a big appeal to users who have accidentally gotten their device wet.